Cake Size Guide / Wedding Cake Portion Guide

Two of the most common cake questions – “how big a cake is needed for my wedding?” or “how many cake portions will I get from the cake?”

The answer, unfortunately, is that there is no absolutely correct answer as it all depends on who is cutting the cake or wielding the knife. There are some general rules that seem to help, first off, you need to consider the following:

Is the cake is going to be served as dessert? If so a larger portion is needed
What is the type of cake? You need less fruit cake per portion than sponge cake
What shape is your cake? Square cakes provide more portions than round

We have put together the below table of approximate portions per standard cake size. If you are having a multiple tier cake, simply add together the portions for each tier.

Sponge Cake Portion Size Guide

Size Guide for number of portions of sponge cake

Rich Fruitcake Portion Size Guide
How many portions of fruitcake in my cake?