Sweet Trees

Looking for something new? Something different? Something unique? Then check out our Sweet Stuff Trees!

Perfect for Weddings, Events, Gifts or just to sit on your desk or coffee table and be picked at! Sweet Stuff Society Sweet Trees are a totally unique edition to any event and also make an excellent and different gift. A fully customisable Sweet Tree where you get to pick each and every element from the vase, pot or stand through to the colours, flavours and types of sweet that you want you tree to be covered in.

Available in a full range of sizes from ‘Acorns’ (small individual trees in little pots) to ‘Giant Redwoods’ (large round trees in vases) there is a Sweet Stuff Society Sweet Tree for every occasion.

There are lots of options on Sweet Stuff Sweet Trees and the gallery shows only a few of the available options… if you have a favourite sweet of chocolate there’s a very good chance we can display it on a tree! If you are interested in a Sweet tree please drop us a call to discuss on 020 8249 1393 or use our Sweet Tree Calculator to make a request and we will come back to you with costs and feasibility as soon as possible! – CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN ENQUIRY AND SEE THE OPTIONS!